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Human Resources

The centralized Human Resource department handles all of the hiring, training, orientation, payroll and benefits. This department also oversees employee management functions, career advancement and the development of strategies to ensure the success of all employees.


Recruiting is the process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate from inside or outside of an organization for a job opening. The recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new employee to the organization.


Employee training is a necessity. You want and need to get new hires up to speed as quickly as possible so they can become productive members of the team. You also want to continually update the skills of existing employees so they'll be ready for you to implement new technology, develop new processes and acquire new markets.


Employee compensation refers to the benefits (cash, vacation, etc.) that an employee receives in exchange for the service they provide to their employer. Paid leave for vacation and sick days Insurance etc.The compensation, benefits and reward approaches are not only important for retaining and motivating employees, but also for attracting new people to the company.


Employee benefits typically include medical insurance, pension plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), vacation time, sick time, and maternity leave. Benefits administration is handled by the Human Resource Department and is the process of establishing, maintaining, and managing benefits for the employees of the organization.

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